musician - producer - engineer - videographer - CG artist

Welcome to my site! My name is Adam Warne and I split my time between being  a recording/mixing engineer at the London-based Old Street Studios and music video producer and CG artist.

If you're here, you're probably wanting to get to know me and my work. 

For my mixing and/or recording work, I recommend heading over to this page here. My strengths are in rock and pop production, with a keen interest in progressive rock and metal and synth pop, but I am flexible and can work with a wide variety of genres. I'm always down for a challenge. Do check out this YouTube playlist here to listen to some of my mixes.

On the other hand, if you're here for my video work then head over to this page to learn more. I have worked closely with a number of bands and artists to produce music videos and promotional material and collaborated with Crystal Spotlight through the years on a number of projects with artists ranging from Steven Wilson and King Crimson through to Paul Draper, Iamthemorning and Frost* and Sons of Apollo. My work focuses on CG rendering, 3D animation and 2D After Effects-based animation as well as live-action film shoots. To check out a YouTube playlist of some of the projects I've worked on, click here.

I offer bespoke work to the highest quality, working closely with bands and musicians through the whole process. I am versatile when it comes to projects thrown my way, having worked on voiceover and spoken word edits for clients including the BBC, RSPCC, Anvil Games and more through to punk bands, rock bands, and even Iranian jazz-fusion. Whilst also having created short social media video segments, provided colour grading, short video edits through to  3D CG animated works and even drone footage capturing.

Whether you're interested in working with me for my music production, or my video production - or you simply want to say hi - then, by all means, send an email through. I always aim to get back with a reply within a day.