Through my hands-on work with KYROS and other music production-based projects,  as well as my experience of working closely with Michael Holmes of progressive rock giants, IQ and respected Southampton-based audio engineer Rob Aubrey at Aubitt Studios, I rapidly honed and continue growing my skills as an engineer and producer. Growing up and listening to Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Trevor Horn and a lot of eighties pop in tandem with progressive-based music from bands such as Genesis, Camel, IQ, Dream Theater and Rush lead to my tastes in music and production today and I certainly wear my influences on my sleeve. I always strive for clarity and sheen whilst retaining density and depth. My mixes have been described as 'glassy' and 'big' sounding whilst retaining transients and dynamic range for a punch.

   I primarily work on Apple's Logic Pro X software after having been a power user for over ten years though I am also experienced with using AVID's Protools. My process involves working with a mix of both digital and analogue equipment as well as a select array of plugins and techniques to achieve 'that' sound.
I have since gone on to release multiple pieces of work that have undergone my production and engineering. This has opened up the opportunity for me being welcomed into the Music Producer's Guild as a recognised Full Member. I am now opening up my services to those who are looking for assistance in a trusted pair of ears who can work on achieving clarity, depth and loudness (without sacrificing dynamic range!). I am making a push to extend my services in ways that are flexible, with quick turnarounds and a wide variety of options to fit all budgets, and even the ability to mix files sent via the web. I am always up for a challenge so throw me what you've got and I'll do my thing!