I am offering my production, recording, mixing and mastering services to those are who are looking for an experienced, trusted pair of ears who can work on achieving clarity, depth and loudness (without sacrificing dynamic range!). I am very flexible and can offer quick turnarounds, a wide variety of options to fit all budgets, and even the ability to mix files sent via the web (dropbox/wetransfer etc). I am always up for a challenge so throw me what you've got and I'll do my thing!

I am based at the prestigious 
Old Street Studios in the heart of London. Founded by Jerry Kandiah who is a musician/producer/engineer who started his career as an engineer to Andy Gill (Gang Of Four, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jesus Lizard, R.E.M, Can….) where he is most known for his work recording albums for Killing Joke and The Futureheads. Old Street Studios plays host to a load of fantastic analogue and digital equipment including PMC monitoring, a TL Audio M4 32 channel tube console and tons of vintage compressors and EQs. For recording, mixing and mastering sessions at Old Street Studios, be sure to get in contact for a bespoke quote as below prices are just guidelines.

For online-based jobs - after we have discussed overall mix/mastering notes, guidelines and goals for me to work towards (I want to make sure I am 100% clued in on any specifics/quirks I should know about in your tracks), your isolated instrument/track files will be sent directly to me via services such as dropbox, wetransfer or google drive and I can begin the process.  I will perform the editing, mix and/or mastering using my own private system and setup as well as my selection of analogue outboard gear, plugins and software. A perfect option for those based further away, overseas or simply prefer to let me finish off the job independently.


(Based at Old Street Studios, London, England)​​

Voice to Backing Track

Includes digital mix/master
Multi-Instrument & Full Band Recording
£35/hour  / £240 per day (8 hours)

Please do contact me for a more bespoke quote to fit your project
Voiceover & ADR
£50/hour  / £340 per day (8 hours)

"It could be a voiceover, vocals to backing track, acoustic guitar and vocals or full band recording, we cater for all.

Whether you prefer the crystal clear sound of our Lynx Aurora digital converters or you crave the feel of our 24 track 2″ tape machine, at Old Street Studios we have the best in digital and analogue recording technology.

We have always believed that the atmosphere in the studio is as important as the recording equipment which is why we provide a comfortable, friendly space where you can focus on being free and creative.

We don’t watch the clock and demand money up front like other studios.
We just want you to be at ease so that you can deliver your best performance."


(For already-recorded sessions that you'd like me to mix.
This can be via online or sit-in at Old Street Studios)​​

Up to 8 Files  £30 (per track/song)

For simpler works such as acoustic-based songs or anything with
simpler instrumentation.
Up to 16 Files £40   (per track/song)

For works with a denser instrumental arrangement. 
Up to 32 Files £60   (per track/song)

Delving into more complex projects and much denser arrangements.
Up to 64 Files £80   (per  track/song)

For incredibly dense projects with larger track counts.
For any projects above 64 files, please make direct contact with me to discuss further. Dense mix projects like these are a speciality case. All above prices are also assuming that the project is under five minutes in length, otherwise, please let me know upon making contact.

For entire EP/albums/playlists etc I am happy to offer discounted rates.
Contact me for details!


1 Track £35/track
2-5 Tracks £30/track
6 Tracks or more £25/ track
- You will be delivered a 16-bit dithered, 44.1Khz WAV file per track suitable for digital distribution (iTunes, Spotify etc) and CD production. For up to 96Khz, 24bit file delivery this is an additional £3/track

- Test masters for new clients

- Mastering-grade EQ, Compression and Limiting as well as level balancing across EPs and albums

- Noise reduction, pop and click removal and general tidying up

- Stereo enhancement and frequency tightening

- Happy to perform multiple free revisions until you are 100% happy with the results (£10 charged for new mixes/files)

As with mixing, mastering is very much a tailored case per client and requires some talking through to figure out the details and your goals. I am always happy to chat and get the ball rolling on your next project. 

I can also offer discounted rates in special cases.
Terms and Conditions apply. All options are subject to a deposit before work commences. For mix work - projects including recorded drums should preferably be sent with all individual microphone sources in separate files. I am happy to be lenient with the track count brackets stated above in cases where fully mic'd drum kit is involved. If this is the case, please let me know. Also please keep bouncing/printing multiple channels to a single file to a minimum as this makes it incredibly hard to work with the raw material. Keep each isolated channel preferably raw with minimal effects per individual file to ensure the best results. 
Either way, the above prices are guidelines and direct contact should be made to attain a more tailored quote.