Dishwashered 35mm Film
For this experiment, I went out for a photoshoot in London equipped with my Canon AE-1. I loaded the camera with my favourite 35mm film, Kodak Ektachrome and filled up two rolls by the end of the day. The next stage was where things got... interesting!
I popped the exposed roll of film into the dishwasher on a full rinse, clean, dry cycle exposing the film to all sorts of dishwasher tablet chemicals, high temperatures and hot steam. Afterwards, I took the roll into a pitch-dark room, pulled all the film out and spent approximately forty minutes drying the film using a hairdryer (if I had not done this, the moistures would have lead to the film sticking to itself and the canister). It was a long and tedious process but I knew the results would be worth it.
The next day, I had the film developed at the lab then made high resolution scans. Here are the results...
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