Flippin' The Film!
Redscaling is what happens when you pull all the film out of a canister or roll (in the dark of course!), snip it off, flip it around, reattach it and wind or spool it back up. The next bit's magical. You're exposing the image onto the reverse side of the film. Red layer first. The red layer would normally be the last layer that light from the exposure would penetrate.
The results are very, well... red! You also get more film grain as the exposure has to penetrate through the film's protective backing as well as bypassing the UV filter layer found on the correct exposure side. This can result in underexposed photos, but can be compensated by setting the camera's ISO rating to a higher speed than the film's rating.
The film I use in the photos below is reversed Ferrania Solaris FG Plus 100 ISO. Taken with the trusty Canon AE-1 with the exception of photo 9 a Zenit 3M is used and 6, 8, 10 and 14 where I use the BlackJack Diana F+.
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