Photo courtesy of William DiCecca // Taken at RoSfest 2015
//Some history
KYROS started out life as a a studio-based solo project. The first set of compositions and ideas were written for what would eventually become the first album dates back to my time in secondary school whilst I was undertaking my GCSEs in 2008 and 2009. But it was my time at The BRIT School where I began to write completed songs and then at university where those songs evolved into a completed album. I renamed the project 'Chromology' in 2012 with the album due to be called 'Time, Tension and Intervention', but it wasn't long until I heard one of my university lecturers say the word 'Synaesthesia'. I noted down this word and it quickly became the name of the project and the debut album.
In university, I met my good friend Nikolas where we worked together on the project supplying guitar parts. Although he was only a part of the project for a short period, he played a huge role in the early days of helping develop the sound. In 2013, 'Synaesthesia' signed a recording deal with Giant Electric Pea and very quickly went on to recording the debut album with IQ guitarist, Michael Holmes producing and Rob Aubrey engineering. Whilst recording the album with GEP, Nikolas unfortunutely couldn't continue work due to his commitments with other bands and projects. Ollie Hannifan briefly took over to supply more guitar parts in the studio before leaving the project to tour with the stage production, Mamma Mia. The band line up has since been completed with myself on lead vocals and keyboards, Robin Johnson on drums, Peter Episcopo on bass and vocals, Sam Higgins on guitar and vocals and newest recruit Joey Frevola on guitars.

The album went on to receive critical acclaim within the progressive music and rock scene resulting in us receiving Prog Magazine's 'Tip for 2014' award and being nominated for the 'Limelight' category in the Progressive Music Award 2014. The band continues to push ahead having performed alongside many respected acts such as Anglagard, BigElf, Anathema and IQ and having supported Marillion at one of their 'weekender' shows and toured sixteen dates across Europe with Spock's Beard and Special Providence.
Due to complications and legalities with the name 'Synaesthesia', the band has since changed it's name to 'KYROS' and we continue to push ahead with work towards the second album.
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Photo courtesy of Lisette Frevola // Taken at RoSfest 2015