Views From The Sky
My collection of aerial photography, taken from aeroplanes looking down on the world. The high dynamic range of film compliments this type of photography very well as you're able to make drastic contrast adjustments that help the landscape pop through the mist and atmospheric haze within too much film noise and grain. Even then, when film grain does appear - the look doesn't overtake the image's main subject matter. Trying to achieve this within a digital realm is possible with high end cameras, but within my experience of using consumer DSLRs, boosting in post-production typically resulted  in a lot of digital noise and digital grain which distracted from the subject matter.
Another advantage of film is shown within this context - that is the sheer amount of detail achieved in a single photo. Because film is analogue, what the lense sees is what the film captures - unlike within a digital realm where the sensor captures an 'impression' of the image.
All of these photos were taken using the trusty and reliable Canon AE-1. Most of what you see is taken mid-journey on the Bangkok to London flight with Fujicolor C200 film ( in my opinion, truly underated, reliable and hugely versatile film!)
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